The Memphis Buy and Hold Strategy Feautures:


Due Diligence Focused Property Acquisition


Investment Performance Analysis




Financing Options


Property Management

In Today’s Difficult Economic Climate, Investors Need An Intelligent, Informative Approach To Their Investment Property Search

Although investing in real estate is often a rewarding experience that can provide tremendous returns on your money, the fact remains that there are also many challenges involved that can make real estate investing complex and even intimidating.  We simplify the process by offering turnkey investment properties that are affordable and hassle free. Our goal is to reduce risk, eliminate challenges, and ensure success by educating and guiding our investors through every step of the entire process.

Memphis Buy And Hold Specializes In The Sale Of Turnkey Properties That Build Wealth And Financial Security.  

We locate and acquire discounted properties in working class neighborhoods, renovate each property to high standards, and provide professional property management services via our management company, DCC Rentals. This allows us the ability to provide properties that have suitable tenants already in place, removing the stress and guess work from real estate investing and allowing you to immediately reap the benefits of owning an asset that produces consistent monthly cash flow for years to come.

Can You Navigate This Process On Your Own? 

Perhaps. However, over the many years that we have been investing in real estate, we have been told by countless aspiring investors as well as seasoned out­of­state investors, that their initial attempt to enter the Memphis market, locate, rehabilitate, rent and manage property on their own ended in failure. New investors soon discover that it is very difficult to find quality properties in decent neighborhoods, honest contractors, effective property managers, and reliable maintenance personnel. In fact, it often takes 2­3 years just to get a working system established internally. Out­of­state investors often do not know how to find profitable neighborhoods and usually end up buying a property because of the low price, although it may be in an undesirable neighborhood. This technique often leads to a management nightmare as they, or the management company they have chosen, are not prepared to properly screen tenants and manage a rental property in a distressed community.

We Are Experts At Revitilizing And Managing Distressed Properties! 

Our business was established to give you the opportunity to BYPASS the hard work that comes with renovating and managing a property in ANY area of Memphis. You simply enjoy the pleasure of collecting rental income while watching your real estate portfolio grow.

How Much Do These Types of Properties Cost? 

We offer single­family turnkey properties that range from $30,000 to $70,000. Multi­family units and apartment pricing varies. This is a unique market where incredible cash flows and equity can be achieved faster and more efficiently than many other markets. These properties are essentially affordable housing in working class neighborhoods, which is in strong demand now and will continue to be in the future. With the right systems in place, this opportunity can provide limitless rewards.

“Buy & Hold” Investing – Your Key To Financial Freedom

Which would you prefer – cash for today or wealth for tomorrow?  If your investment goal is to attain BOTH, utilizing a buy-and-hold strategy will allow you to accomplish this.  Many people start off wholesaling and flipping houses in order to quickly turn a profit but are never quite able to transition from this type of short-term income stream into the long-term wealth building and residual income offered by buying and holding a property.  Real estate is one of the only assets that can simultaneously provide cash flow, capital appreciation, and tax savings for an investor. Buying and holding your investment property provides long-term wealth for investors and their families because you enjoy these benefits while your tenant pays rent and ultimately buys the asset for you. We partner with investors that are looking to BUILD LONG-TERM WEALTH THROUGH REAL ESTATE by helping them implement a buy and hold strategy that generates positive income 

Benefits of Buy and Hold Investing:


  • Generates Long-Term Positive Cash Flow

Renting out a property allows you to receive positive cash flow every single month as tenants make their rent payment.

  • Avoid Selling Transaction Costs

These expenses, such as commission, transfer tax, etc. – can be relatively high and total up to 13% of the selling price.

  • Hedge Against Market Fluctuations  

Whether it is a buyers’ market or sellers’ market is insignificant because as a buy and hold investor, you are not selling your property and thus not subjected to the volatility of market    appreciation.

  • Remarkable Tax Advantages

The U.S. tax system heavily favors investment property owners.  Real estate investments offer deductions that can significantly reduce the tax liability of your profits.

  • Equity

All of our properties have both cash flow and equity, thus maximizing the real estate investor’s capital investment and returns. PLUS, these properties are located in high revitalization areas and their values have been shown to consistently increase over the years.

Now is the time to secure your financial independence for a lifetime.  Speak with one of our investor relations specialists who will help you create an investment plan and start building wealth today. 901.212.4476